Those days you feel very ~teenager-y

posted on: Sunday, December 7, 2014

“Feelings suxxx
*Tries to write ~angsty, dark poetry.~ Struggles. Hard.*
*listens to a ton of ~relatable~ Taylor Swift songs* {or listen to the playlist below!}

Whenever I feel very, for a lack of a better term, ~teenager-y, I like to let the feelings go through my system, and feel it for even just a few moments, taking it all in. Pain Feelings demand to be felt. (Hey, John Green!) If the emotions are too overpowering, I either cry (think of it as a free way to moisturise your eyes, especially when you've been on your laptop for the whole day,) or let it out through incoherent jumbles of words that I think sound semi-cool together. Rereading old text posts would soon become something you would laugh at, you would even forget the reason for that piece! Hey, it’s better to create something out of all these "feels" than to keep it bottled up.

The next time you feel the familiar ~teenager-y way again, try your hardest to find positivity in the negative, even if it's hella difficult.  Maybe then you would understand why you’re feeling that way, or if not, it's a great way to discover yourself through poorly articulated literature!!

Whatever you’re going through will elapse and life will go on and become better, just wait and see. :-)
it's all up to you, no pressure, really.


posted on: Thursday, December 4, 2014

     Since the past month, I have been dabbling with the thought of “discovery,” and how captivating its  idea is. It’s often paired up with words like “search” and “wonder,” and all of those words together brings us to the idea of being “limitless.” Isn’t it a great thought, the idea of you being limitless to thoughts and actions and opportunities and just about anything, if you just let yourself!

     Safe to say, the past few weeks made me discover and rediscover certain parts of me, good and bad, that I never thought, or have forgotten, that was me. I was in a situation that I never thought I would be able to accomplish alone, but I did, because I let myself! (Also, by faking ’til I make it.) And I think, if you let yourself do something you never thought that you could do, you would totally kickass!

a very lame attempt to spice up an otherwise all text post

Discoveries may lead to certain changes, like this tiny little change I am implementing in this creative space I have made a couple of years ago.

     This blog, my sartorial diary, obviously haven’t been updated regularly and timely for months and months. I think it’s me losing interest in just fashion. I mean, 2 years ago, fashion was weekends, the only time I could dress up. Now that I have to dress myself daily, the thrill fashion gave me subsided. Hey, I still love fashion, and the ability to express my creativity and mood through outfits, but it’s not just what I want to be associated with.

     Without hesitation, I am chucking the central idea of this blog, being only a fashion blog, altogether. “Stop, Drop, and Dress Up,” a blog title that took me around thirty minutes to come up with, is now gone and is replaced with a better, and hopefully much more sustainable blog. I was always scared of voicing out my thoughts and opinions, though I tried to a lot of times, but hopefully, tonight, this courage would last and fight on.

     I was never great with titles (see: “stop, drop, and dress up”,) or introductions, but I will leave this agape concept (since I do not want to limit myself anymore):

This blog will consist of discoveries, rediscoveries, and to discovers. Anything that would align to my current state- whenever and wherever that may be.

     This venture could totally be one of those things that I say I would do but don’t, or it could be something that would enhance me, and hopefully, you.

Well, here goes nothing. Oh, and here’s a song to give you/us/me a push.